Remote working is the new normal for many young workers who are seeking to earn more money, get more time to work different jobs and get some time away from corporate stress. tax-free countries

If you have ever wondered what part of the world doesn’t pay tax, here are two countries where you can work and live tax-free. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

For every remote worker, the aim is to make more money, that is what UAE offers. There are so many career opportunities and every penny you earn is tax-free in the UAE. 

Though UAE is a country in the middle east, many expatriates have found the country a very suitable place for working and living. 

UAE offers remote working residency visas, the visa scheme has taken a lot of talents to the country making it a great hub for networking. 

Over 70% of the country’s population are young professionals and the UAE is open to remote workers who will improve the economy of the country. 

Known as one of the most financially stable destinations in the world, while working in UAE you are sure that there is more money in your pocket. 

Are you wondering how the government takes care of the citizens in a tax-free country? Corporate taxes are paid mostly by oil companies and foreign banks. 

You make money in a non-toxic environment and still get good health care, education and a reliable transport system. 

United Arab Emirates


Portugal is the 3rd best country in the world and one of the safest countries to live in. The cost of living in Portugal is lower than the average European country. Living in Portugal means you get healthy and affordable living.  

Amazingly, Portugal is known as the best European country for digital nomads. You get cheap accommodation and food, good internet access, lots of co-working spaces to work and meet new people. 

In the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, there is little need for transport. You can reach your destination in twenty minutes because it’s a small city.

For remote workers in Lisbon that feel the need to travel to another country, the city offers cheap flights for $250. You don’t have to spend so much on transport in and out of the country. 

For non-resident professionals, you are qualified for a reduced tax rate of 20%  for 10 years; that is low compared to the 45% tax required in some other countries.  

The rate of foreigners in Portugal has increased over the past year as investors get residence permits for investing in the country. 

tax-free countries

Lisbon, Portugal

We know you are already willing to move to these tax-free countries. Contact us at Tramango to begin your process in a tax-free country.

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