Luxury means different things to different people, to some it’s having the best time on vacation and lodging in an amazing hotel. world most luxurious hotels

Staying in a luxury hotel is one way to peep into the rich lifestyle, if you have the money and want to lodge in a premium hotel, we’ve got you covered. 

From luxury rooms to penthouses to underwater hotels, we have selected the world’s most luxurious hotel just for you. 

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia

Sleeping underwater, in a submarine?! Whattt! 

For adventurous people with heavy bank accounts, this hotel is a great choice. You get to stay in soundproof rooms with a captain, butler and private chef, that is a full-time romantic getaway loading, and that’s on the money in your account. 

You also get speedboat transfers, champagne-soaked breakfast and other add-ons. 

But this doesn’t come cheap, the underwater marine hotel in St. Lucia costs a whopping sum of 175,000 pounds per night, the hotel isn’t luxurious for nothing. 

The Palms Casino, Las Vegas

This is the perfect hotel choice for nightlife lovers. The hotel has a casino, restaurant, pool, rooftop bar, full recording studio, penthouse, lobby lounge and of course one of the best party scenes in Las Vegas. 

You have all the facilities for whatever party you want to plan in Vegas. 

Asides from the party side of The Palms, the hotel offers very nice and reasonably priced rooms for $200 and more. However, the penthouse and luxury suite cost from $20,000 to $100,000 per night. 

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

When a hotel is known as the choice of many dignitaries, you should know how impressive the hotel is. 

Hotel President Wilson offers both comfort and technology with luxury amenities and features such as complimentary handy smartphones (including free local and international calls, free internet access). 

You also get Nespresso coffee machines, Hermes bath products or also Bang & Olufsen LCD screens.

This is one luxury hotel I recommend for business people. Their facilities are second to none, you should visit their beauty care and fitness centre. 

The rooms cost $490 per night, while the penthouse costs $81,000 per night. 

Burj Al Arab, Dubai 

Dubai is all about serving royalty and that is what I am here for. Your experience here is worth every penny at this sail-shaped hotel.  

The hotel has featured in movies like fast and furious, so you already have a glimpse of how the interior looks. 

A night at this world 7-star hotel costs around 1,500 dollars per night, you also get free full-sized Hermes toiletries. The royal suite costs $24,000 per night.  

The hotel isn’t open for sightseeing, you can only access the hotel if you have a room or lunch reservation. 

Atlantis paradise island, Bahamas 

If you are a lover of cruises, water parks and gambling Atlantis paradise is the best hotel choice for you. 

The hotel’s two-bedroom royal suite costs about 5,219 dollars per night and a giant suite called the Michael Jackson suite costs 25,000 dollars per night, the price makes it more open to celebrities. 

You don’t only get to enjoy good accommodation, the aquarium with starfish and sea cucumbers is one amazing sight, then the beach; you would definitely love this one. 

Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

If you are looking for the true definition of royalty, this should be your go-to place. 

Located in India’s most romantic cities, the hotel serves picturesque accommodation, fine restaurants and a spa.  

You can also work remotely from the hotel and book short stays too.  world most luxurious hotels

The hotel’s customer service is top-notch; the chefs are trained under the Indian royalty chefs, doors are magically opened, handbags carried, special treats brought to your table, and every room comes with 24-hour butler service. 

Come sleep and dine like the royalty that you are!

Oberoi Udaivilas can also be booked for events like weddings and meetings, but this obviously comes at a pricey fee. 

The most expensive suite at Oberoi Udaivilas cost $20,658 per night. 

Four seasons hotel, New York 

This hotel sits at one of the most exclusive spots in New York that is between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue. 

Designed by one of the world’s most famous architects; IM Pei, the hotel has amazing architectural gems, soaring ceilings, French Chassagne stone floors and everything about the hotel screams luxury. 

You will definitely be impressed with how sophisticated their facilities are. 

One thing about the Four Seasons hotel is you will get the value of your money. Double rooms range from $775 to $1,075 per night depending on the season, though this rate excludes breakfast. 


Tschuggen grand hotel, Switzerland

With genuine heart-felt hospitality, this swiss hotel has won the hearts of many. Talking about the view of the Swiss Alps from the hotel room, it is one breathtaking sight.  world most luxurious hotels

The cosy and classy rooms cost about 290 pounds per night and could be up to 900 pounds with breakfast included. 

There are so many facilities and activities around the hotel like a spa, swimming pool, treatment rooms, fitness studio, sauna and many more. Skiing is one activity common to the hotel’s visitors, you should try it out. 

Luxury hotels always add to what makes your travel experience amazing. Are you looking forward to lodging in any of these hotels for your holidays, we are here to make your hotel booking easy and stress-free.

Just reach out to us!

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