There have been different arguments on which is better, Airbnb or hotels? The truth is there is no better one, it all depends on what you are going for.  Airbnb vs Hotels

But mind you, there are pros and cons of staying in both an Airbnb and a hotel, most times the pros outweigh the cons.  

If you are looking to choose either a vacation rental or a hotel; you need to ask yourself some questions: 

  • How long are you staying? The length of your stay determines where you would stay. Some hotels give lesser rates for longer stays while some don’t. 

  • How much space do you need? If you do not mind staying in a conserved space, a hotel would be suitable for you. If you are a private person that loves big spaces, an Airbnb is great for you. 

  • How many people are you staying with? You definitely can’t take six people to stay in a hotel room, an Airbnb is a better option for staying with three or more people. 

  • Why are you travelling? Honestly, if you are travelling for relaxation, then a hotel would be the best bet. You do not have to cook yourself or clean the room you have all of that in the hotel’s room service. 

  • What is your travel aim? Are you looking forward to meeting more locals or do you want to do things yourself, do you want to experience downtown or uptown, all of these things help you consider choosing either an Airbnb or a hotel. If you want to stay downtown i recommend using a hotel,

Trust me there is no one that is no better one, it all depends on your choice and what type of trip you are embarking on. 

If you are going on a vacation with your friends or family, Airbnb is affordable and definitely a better choice. Luxury travellers would definitely always opt for the hotel option.  Airbnb vs hotels

Here are the cons of choosing an Airbnb or a hotel, so it’s left for you to make your choice.


  • It is cost-effective: you can get an Airbnb room for an average price of 60 dollars per night, for an entire apartment the price is an average of 190 dollars per night. 

  • A great choice for meeting locals: the hosts of Airbnbs are locals, so you get the opportunity to meet with locals and interact with them. Airbnb vs Hotels

  • Gives you a homely feel: no matter how a hotel is designed it won’t feel like your house. The couch, pictures, home designs, courtyard all add to how homely Airbnbs are. Some hosts also want you to feel at home as much as possible. 

  • You can negotiate prices:  not all apartments have fixed prices, sometimes you can negotiate prices with the host. 


  • Best choice to get all the pampering: most people go for hotels because you don’t have to do so many things aside from relaxing and making orders. Hotels cater for almost everything and have some of the best facilities like a spa, sauna, gym room, breakfast; well that is if the hotel is all-inclusive. 

  • Customer service is top-notch: hotels do not joke with their customer service, they consider it a part of their culture to always satisfy their customers. 

  • Hotels give you value for your money: hotels try as much as possible to give you value for your money, though some might seem too good to be true that is why you have to carefully check reviews and read comments before you pump your money into the hotel.  

  • Hotels are cheaper for long term stays: hotels give discounts for stays longer than three days, the discount runs from 5% to 15%.  You might be lucky to run into the discount seasons at the hotel. 

  • Best choice if you want to stay downtown: the best hotels are usually downtown. They have everything you want and have access to everything: the hippy street, the best restaurants, train station. Downtown hotels make your trip easy. 

Choosing an Airbnb or a hotel is your choice, if you use an Airbnb or a hotel it doesn’t make it less of a trip, all that matters is you exploring or relaxing to your heart’s content.

Looking forward to booking an Airbnb or a hotel? We are here for you.

Remember to stay safe while exploring Airbnbs vs Hotels

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