North Africa is one of Africa’s hot tourism spot with close proximity to Europe. This exciting travel destination is for adventure seekers from different parts of the World. North Africa is made up of six countries; Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt. Get ready to discover the beauty of these iconic cities in North Africa!

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

This UNESCO world heritage site is our very own Santorini in Africa. This beauty in Tunisia is decorated with iconic white and blue coloured domes. Sidi Bou Said is a small village and a popular weekend escape for tourists. in other words

Are you a lover of African luxury? Sidi Bou Said is lined with luxury houses built for wealthy politicians and is immaculately maintained. It’s a somewhat exotic but beautiful city.

What to do in Sidi Bou Said: eat at a local restaurant, attend a music concert at centre des musiques arabes et mediterraneennes, shop at d’art lella salha & des metiers, visit dar el-annabi, visit cafe des delices. 

Sidi Bou Said

Fez, Morocco

UNESCO recognizes Fez’s old town or medina as one of the best-preserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world. 

Imagine walking along detailed walls, that is the feeling Fez gives, such royalty! With beautifully decorated fortified walls, a labyrinth of alleyways lined with stalls after stalls of local craftsmen selling their colourful pottery, carpets, leather goods (for which the city is famous!) and more, Fez offers tourists with premium views you can not get in other cities.  but, also

If you are looking for the best places to purchase the best leather and pottery crafts, alongside rich culture and traditions, Fez is the city for you!

What to do in Fez: Visit Chouara tannery,  Take a tour at Al Quaraouiyine Mosque, hike at mount Zalagh, buy the best souvenirs in the market, take many photos 

Fez, Morocco

Alexandria, Egypt

One of Egypt’s largest cities, this amazing city resonates richness of its history and culture from stories of Alexander the Great, Queen Cleopatra. It always feels so good to breathe in fresh air from the sea and you could see the Mediterranean sea for miles. Alexandria is one of the most historical cities in North Africa with attractions like the Great Library of Alexandria and the colossal Pharos Lighthouse. alongside

Most tourists choose to explore this beauty because of its history, history lovers shouldn’t miss this one!

What to do in Alexandria: Visit Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Fort Qaibey, Kom el-Dikka and Pompey’s pillar 

Alexandria, Egypt

Ghadames, Libya

If you are a lover of antique beauty, Ghadames in Libya should be on your list. Trust me, there is history at every turn in this beautiful city. Regaining its charm and uniqueness, Ghadames is entirely built out of mud. With intricate Berber paintings and designs, red paint on white walls, hanging ornaments, Ghadames is such beauty to behold.

No other city has the architecture that marks the Old City, now protected as a UNESCO site.

What to do at Ghadames City: Take a walk around old Ghadames, Visit The Ghadames museum, do some traditional shopping 

Ghadames, Libya

Omdurman, Sudan Cities in North Africa

This is Sudan’s must-visit country. Though this city is located in one of the least visited countries in Africa, you cannot afford to miss the cultural treat Omdurman offers. You can top your visit to Omdurman with the necessary stops at beautiful architectural attractions. Interestingly, handicrafts and artefacts are sold around the city. Don’t forget to watch the Sufi people dance on your next trip to Sudan. 

What to do in Omdurman: visit Nilian mosque, tour Khalifa house museum, see tomb of Muhammad Ahmad

Omdurman, Sudan

Marrakech, Morocco

This Moroccan city is love at first sight for every tourist. Known as the red city, Marrakech is the bubbling city of Morocco. Going to the safari to have a hot air balloon ride and having dinner at rooftop restaurants, Marrakech is the best choice for tourists who love diversified cultures. The art galleries, workshops, museums, and nature gardens make Marrakech a diverse city to visit. 

Wondering if you will get the best food here? Of course, with amazing flavours in Moroccan cuisines get ready to have the best dishes of your life. 

Things to do in Marrakech: Get lost in Medina, shop at the souks, take a hot hair balloon ride, visit Koutoubia mosque, stay in a beautiful riad, visit Jardin Majorelle 

Marrakech, Morocco

Kairouan, Tunisia Cities in North Africa

This star-studded Tunisian tourist attraction has a rich architectural heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world. Also known as a major shopping destination in Tunisia, you can purchase the best-handcrafted goods and luxury items. 

The best highlight is staying at an all-inclusive resort and going home with the best souvenirs, so satisfying! Looking to buy some quality home decors too? Kairouan is known to have the best handcrafts by the best craftsmen. 

What to do in Kairouan: visit the great mosque, see Aghlabid Basin, take a walk around new town, buy the best souvenirs  

Kairouan, Tunisia

Cairo, Egypt

This ancient city of Egypt is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. With different fusions of ancient history, Cairo is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest in Africa. Cairo is the best options for lovers of history, architecture and civilization stories. Looking for another Lagos in North Africa? Unique buzzes fill Cairo due to the city being Egypt’s economic capital. Above all, most importantly  But

What to do in Cairo: see the pyramids of Giza, visit the Egyptian museum, visit the Citadel of Saladin, take a stroll along al-muizz street, shop at a local market.  in other words

Cairo, Egypt

Oran, Algeria Cities in North Africa

Sadly, this amazing country doesn’t get all the love it deserves. Oran features a long boulevard that lines up restaurants, cafés, and ice cream parlours. This Algerian city is the second-largest city in Africa which makes it one of the best cities to explore in North Africa. 

Oran is another paradise of history that features some of Algeria’s breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, from rocky cliffs and white-knuckle, two-lane coastal driving to the resorts, casinos and sandy beaches

What to do in Oran – admire the city from Fort Santa Cruz, visit Abdallah Ibn Salam Mosque, eat at restaurants with beautiful views, get body pampering at a spa

Oran, Algeria

There is no doubt to the fact that Africa is beautiful. We know your interest in exploring North Africa just got heightened. Reach out to us at Tramango to have the most fascinating time exploring North Africa. but, also

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