Packing for your trip can be quite overwhelming, sometimes you even forget to pack the most important things. The best way to pack is to highlight the most important things and that is what we just did for you. 10 essentials you must have in your travel bag

Here are 10 essentials you must have in your travel bag, more like you shouldn’t ever forget to pack them when you want to travel. 


This is your main essential form of identification when you want to travel, you get asked for it at the airport before getting onboard your plane and yes it is a very strong form of identification in any host country.

If you are trying to be careful not to lose it, you can make photocopies of your data page. Before travelling, make sure your passport is valid six months before the trip to avoid issues. 

Travel Adapters

This one might be easy to forget but you shouldn’t because you will need it. 

In some countries the adapter format might be different from your country, do well to check before travelling in addition multi-sockets are highly advised as you get the option to charge all your devices at once. 

Phone Charger 

You don’t want your phone running out of battery in the middle of nowhere or somewhere not so familiar or maybe when you are documenting that memorable experience , make sure to get a portable charger or power bank that helps your phone’s battery last longer. 

Sunglasses/ Face Caps 

Exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes so anything to protect your eyes and add to your swag. Using sunglasses will protect you from wind, dust, sand, and snow. You are not only keeping your eyes healthy, you will also have more fun. 

Plus sunglasses and face caps are very stylish items to add to your outfits. 


Holidays could be quite sunny and if you are jetting off on a summer holiday adding sunscreen in your travel bag is a must. 

The sun during summer can be smacking even during other seasons depending on the country. Sunscreen will help protect your skin from discoloration, you definitely don’t want to have different skin tones from sunburn. 


From the airline you will need these ones. Your baggage getting lost at the airport is a real thing and it’s bad if you do not have spare toiletries in your hand luggage. It is always important to pack some emergency toiletries. 


These would come in handy for muscle aches from sitting too long in the airplane, headaches and body pains you could get when exploring really hard. You might not need them but carry them just in case. 

Very Comfortable Outfits

Yes you want to take those very pretty pictures for the gram but you need to tour comfortably, you definitely can’t hike with your gram clothes. Get outfits for every activity you will like to engage in like your swimwear, dinner wear, joggers, sweatshirts, socks. 


Different shoes for different activities and seasons. You will need to take note of the appropriate footwear to take along during your trip. You have to decide if your slippers, sandals, boots, heels or  sneakers will be the best fit for your trip. It would be nice not to take only one particular footwear. 

Extra Cash

Running out of cash is a real thing and it is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating things to happen to you on your trip. So, you will need the extra cash even if you don’t spend it, and ensure the cash is in the local currency of the country you are visiting.  

Don’t forget to fold your clothes, heavy things at the bottom of your box, all liquids go into a plastic bag and of course take out those unnecessary things for light luggage.  Remember to stay safe while exploring.

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