The island of Zanzibar, also known as Unjuga, is off the coast of Tanzania. The island is home to 50 islands with white sands, blue seas and green forests. 

You will definitely love this place. 

What Best Time of the year to go

The best time in the year to visit Zanzibar is December to February, because of the weather, during this season is not that rainy, here you would enjoy the sunny weather at the seaside.

Explore Stone Town

Stone Town is a city of major historical and artistic importance in East Africa and a UNESCO world heritage site. This place is one of the most visited places in Tanzania. Stone Town has many attractions you can visit.

Things to do at Stone Town

  • You should look at the Indian structured doors made of mahogany and black wood, 
  • Admire the old fort; this is the oldest Arabian building in Stone Town.
  • Learn about the slave trade history of Zanzibar; this is one of the core stories that form the history.
stone town zanzibar

Mode of Transport

The best way to move around in Zanzibar is through Taxis; Taxis i are very affordable and reliable; renting a taxi for a full days costs about 100 USD. Other transport systems are; bikes and scooters, open-air trucks that are usually very crowded and cheap; you can also move around in Zanzibar using buses.  

Sports activities available at Zanzibar

Water sports in Zanzibar is unique. Looking at how much water bodies the island has, there are so many sports activities you can do underwater like scuba diving, water skiing, kite surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing and jet skiing. It is not advised to engage in water sports during rainy seasons. 

Places to Visit in Zanzibar

The main island is a beautiful sight, but there are some mainland highlights you should see and explore; you don’t want to miss the deets so take note .

  • Spice plantation: this plantation is known for producing vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, achiote seeds 
  • Prison Island: this island was once a prison where slaves were kept and quarantined; this island has giant sea tortoises, which were gifts from Seychelles. 
  • Butterfly centre: this centre protects numerous butterfly species and cocoons.

Best Holiday Hotels in Zanzibar

The Melia Zanzibar

The Melia zanzibar

Baraza Resort and Spa

Baraza resort and spa zanzibar

Blue bay beach resort and spa

Blue Bay zanzibar

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