People always think you have to spend so much money when you travel, well that’s not true because there are different ways to save money when you travel. ways to save money while travelling

We know it might be hard for you to strike a balance between enjoying yourself and not overspending, that is why we came up with these ways for you to save money when you travel. 

Create a budget and stick to it 

It is so easy to create a budget, but it is not so easy sticking to the budget because travel comes with a lot of impulse buying and eye-catching attractions you would love to visit. 

To create the best budget that would suit your trip you would need to tackle big-ticket items like visas, airline and airport fares, hotel price and travel insurance. Then you add your personal spending and miscellaneous expenses like food, shopping, transport and tourism fares. 

Remember you didn’t create the budget for fancy, you have to stick to it. 

Travel offseason 

Hotel rates, airline fares usually get priced up during peak seasons. Peak seasons in travel are mid-June through August while offseasons are November through March, you should keep these seasons in mind to help you know when to plan that budget-friendly trip. 

You should also book your flight and hotel a month before your departure date to get cheaper deals. 

For hotels, you should ask for deals while booking you could be lucky and get some percentage off. 

Look for free activities

If you are looking for ways to save more money you should look for places to engage in thrilling activities for free. You can visit free museums and galleries, go for free performances, carnivals or festivals, visit free parks, go on bike tours, visit churches, cathedrals and mosques with amazing architecture. 

Get travel discount cards 

Travel discount cards help you get discounts depending on what the card is for; could be getting discounts at hotels, parks or museums. 

Affordable discount cards to get are ISIC discount cards for students, hotel reward cards, VIP backpackers cards. 

Asides from travel discount cards, you can also get credit card rewards by collecting points. 

If you are a frequent traveller, chances are you might get loyalty rewards from your hotel or airline. 

Use public transit 

Ride-hailing is quite fancy, I mean you don’t want to stress yourself when you travel but if you are looking to save money and have more experience you should use public transit. Sometimes you may be lucky to get free bus and shuttle rides. 

And guess what?! You can also get discounts on bus and train rides.  ways to save money while travelling

Get familiar with locals 

There is no better way to understand a city than to get familiar with the locals. One of the amazing ways to meet locals is to book an Airbnb room where the host is a local. You shouldn’t shy away from asking them questions about the city, this would help you save money and avoid getting into the wrong hands. 

Another way to get familiar with them is to go on tours with them, lots of locals love to host tourists. 

Cook your own meals 

I know you are already thinking “I’m on a vacation, why should I cook?” Yes, you need to cook your own meals, it will help you save less on fast food and you get healthier meal options because you are preparing your meal according to your preference.  Also, cooking your own meals helps to sharpen your cooking skills and learn different food recipes.  

Avoid impulse buying 

Remember we are working with a budget and you do not want to spend above your budget. Not to lie, there are lots of souvenirs, clothes, shoes, your favourite item that would want to purchase on your trip, but you definitely don’t want to get broke after your vacation so you have to do away with unnecessary buying. If you do not have any business in that duty-free store, then stay far away from it. 

Now that you know the best ways to save money while travelling, it would be great if you opt for budget travel. Budget travelling helps you save more money.

Looking for the best budget travel itinerary? We’ve got you covered on that. All you need to do is reach out to us.

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