It is effortless to go over your budget for any trip and get stuck with unnecessary travel expenses. These expenses come unaware and might throw your wallet off-balance during your trip. unexpected travel expenses and how to avoid them

Here are some unexpected travel expenses and how to avoid them. I would start with the one we all fall victim to.

Baggage fees

Before travelling, you must know the maximum baggage allowance for the airline you travel with. I know there are always some items you might want to add to your box, but baggage fees can be tricky.

It is always good to find out every airline’s weight and size requirements and check your ticket to make sure luggage is included. 

If you are the type that suffers from packing extra baggage, here are some tips to help you;

  • Choose a lightweight bag 
  • Pack the heavier items first, then the lightest items on top 
  • Only pack clothes and shoes you would frequently wear 
  • Pack travel-size toiletries 
  • Wear your heaviest clothes while travelling 
  • Invest in a portable luggage scale 

Hotel booking fees 

Whenever you find the best hotel that suits your budget perfectly, you should find out if extra unplanned fees like service and cleaning charges. You don’t want to get to your hotel and pay for what you didn’t budget; that might hinder some of your plans. 

To avoid unexpected hotel booking fees, you should try a demo hotel booking and take note of everything you need to pay for. If you encounter charges you do not want to pay for, you should find another hotel that suits your budget. 

Credit card fees 

Like airlines with different baggage policies, foreign banks have other procedures in different countries. 

Credit card fees are unavoidable sometimes, but I tell every traveller to get a travel card. 

Having travel cards allows you to load multiple foreign currencies on one card and makes spending abroad and foreign websites easier.  

If you don’t have a travel card, you’ll probably end up paying ATM or withdrawal fees. If you’re travelling internationally, some cards may even charge you a small percentage from every purchase you make

Roaming charges 

There is no doubt that as Gen Zs and millennials, we always want to be on our phones. We also wish always to be connected to loved ones, but you cannot do so while travelling. 

You are probably wondering why? That’s because roaming charges are quite expensive, especially if you are distant from your home country. 

To avoid roaming charges, I advise you to buy a sim card at your travel destination, or better still, get portable wifi that would last through your trip. You don’t want to return from your trip, and the first bill you are seeing is roaming charges. 

Foreign exchange fee 

If you are a first-time traveller, you might have no idea how pricey converting your money might be. Most currency exchange offices take fees for their exchange services. Some of these fees might cost you almost half of the amount you are trying to change.  

To avoid foreign exchange fees, you need to know the accurate exchange rate of your preferred currency, and to know this, you need to do a lot of research. 

Another way to avoid foreign exchange fees is to use a currency converter and know the best places to exchange your currency. In most cases, currency exchange is cheaper in your home country than in travel destinations. It would be best not to try exchanging money at a popular travel destination during peak seasons; you would probably encounter a rip-off. 


Honestly, choosing the best type of transportation during your trip depends on you. But one thing I know for sure is a budget traveller isn’t going to opt for an uber ride. 

If you are going to use an uber, you should be aware that surcharges will occur during peak travel seasons, and ride prices would also increase.  unexpected travel expenses and how to avoid them

To avoid paying a lot of money for transportation, you can use taxis. They are good alternatives for Ubers because some have flat rates, and you have to know these flat rates because taxi riders tend to overcharge tourists. It would be best to consider using public transportation; they are cheaper.

Cancellation prices 

If you decide to cancel your trip last minute, that is because something happened, probably an emergency. 

The best way to avoid cancellation fees is to do your research. Research should be the first step you take before embarking on any trip. If you do your research correctly, you will find out the cancellation policies of airlines, hotels, tourist attractions. For some airlines, hotels and tourist attractions, you can always call and reschedule, while for some, you have to pay a charge for cancelling your reservation. Knowing all these cancellation policies would help you understand the suitable hotels or airlines to book. 

If by any chance you foresee yourself cancelling your trip, I advise you buy travel insurance. Travel insurance would help to refund part of your travel investment. 

PS: It is important you purchase travel insurance from a trusted travel company. At Tramango, we are committed to making travel easy and enjoyable for you, for the best travel insurance, reach out to us.

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