Guess who has Dakar on their bucket list for the year, us! You should have Dakar your travel bucket list for the year because it is a gorgeous destination and a must-visit!

Before visiting Dakar, there are certain things you should know to help you plan your trip well.

I will be telling you the best things to do in Dakar, starting with one of my favourite places; Ile Goree.  

Visit Ile Goree 

Ile Goree is one of my favourite places in Dakar because, even though the slave trade wasn’t fair, I learned about Senegalese history. 

Also known as the island of Goree, the island plays a significant role in the history of the slave trade in Africa. 

From the 15th to 19th century, the Island of Goree was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast, with over 20 million enslaved people passing through the island. Located off the coast of Dakar, the island is filled with fortresses, buildings, streets, squares, pastel-coloured houses and narrow streets. 

The Island of Goree is a peaceful island with no cars or crimes. Tourists treat the island as a pilgrimage than a tourist attraction.

Ile Goree

Splash into Lake Retba 

If you’ve probably thought natural wonders don’t exist in Africa, then you’ve been thinking wrong. 

The Pink lake (Lake Retba) in Dakar is a natural wonder and it is fascinating. You are probably wondering why a lake would be pink; well, that is because the lake has a high salt concentration. 

The lake’s salt content can be compared to that of the Dead sea, and even exceeds it during the dry season. People go there to harvest salt; that is how salty the lake is. 

The lake stands between white dunes and the Atlantic ocean. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and a popular tourist destination in Dakar. 

Lake Retba

Get intrigued by Senegalese entertainment

Can you ever take music out of the African culture? I doubt. That is the same way you can’t take music out of Dakar. Dakar is a bubbling city; it is effortless for you to get entertained with Senegalese music and dance. 

Senegalese music is on an international level. Take a look at Youssou N’Dour, Baaba Maal, Wasis Diop, MC Solaar; they all make African hits that have caught the world’s attention. 

Enjoying Senegalese music and dance is one of the best ways to cool off in Dakar. Fun fact, it is very easy to learn their songs and dance. 

Come to think of it, Akon is from Senegal, which means Senegalese entertainment is always fire!

Senegalese dancers

Go market hopping 

Trust African countries to always to have the best markets. There is probably no market you would visit that you wouldn’t bargain at or get what you want. From second-hand clothes, arts and crafts, food, spices and clothing.

Markets in Dakar are huge; try not to get lost in them. If you want to shop without stress, you should visit Marche Kemel; the market has friendly vendors who sell quality goods. 

Markets you can visit in Dakar are; Marche Kemel, Marche Sandaga, Marché Artisanal de Soumbédioune

Marche Kemel

See the beauty of the churches and mosques

Dakar is a city full of history, culture and religious tolerance. The city is also filled with great architecture, so the churches and mosques will appeal to you. Majority of the people in Dakar are Muslims, while the minorities are catholic.

Dakar has one of the best well-structured mosques and churches. Trust me when I say the views of these buildings are stunning!

You don’t want to miss visiting any mosque or church in Dakar; it is worth every minute of your trip. 

Places of see: Dakar central mosque, Mosque of divinity, Massalikoul Djinane mosque, Église Saint-Charles-Borromée, Our Lady of Victories Cathedral

Mosque of divinity

Get involved in the vibrant beach culture

Asides from the up and about side of Dakar, there is a side of the city that lets you unwind. The beaches in Dakar are pristine and exquisite.

Sometimes, you might run into the beach crowd, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a swell time. If you want to avoid crowds, you should opt for a private or high-end beach. 

There are many activities to do at the beach, from jet skis, windsurfing and sport fishing. It would be best if you were careful at the beach though, the waves don’t joke. 

Beach in Senegal


Dig into Senegalese history

If there is one thing Senegal is known for, it is for history. From the french colonization to civilization and gaining independence, Senegal is the best bet for history lovers. 

The best places to learn about Senegalese history is their museums. Museums in Senegal tells the story of Africans and is a place to hold on to the strength of Africans. 

Museums to visit in Dakar: Museum of black civilization, La Maison des Esclaves, IFAN museum, Historical museum of Senegal 

Museum of black civilization

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