It’s the holiday sznnnnn! This holiday is the most anticipated holiday of all time; this is the best time to make up all the lost fun, rest and bond with loved ones.  tips to having the best holiday experience

Amidst all the plans to go wild and out, you still need to be strategic with your timing because the holiday doesn’t last forever. 

Need tips to have the perfect holiday? Here are five fantastic tips to help have the best holiday experience.  

Stay within your budget 

Staying within your budget at all times cannot be overemphasized. Most times, we might want to impress with the best clothes, shoes, or even give the most prominent gifts considering it’s the season to be jolly and give. But, you need to know your limits.

I know we love the phrase “chop your money, bank no dey for heaven”, but you also need to manage your money, make sapa no catch you. 

Here are two tips to staying within your budget

  • Avoid impulse buying: a little let me buy this here and there can hurt your bank account. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you’ve exceeded your budget, don’t buy it!
  • Give handmade gifts: for some people, it’s not the price of the gift, it’s the thought, and the effort put into the gifts. It could be a handwritten letter, painted canvas or scented candles; just give it. It would mean to lot to your friends.  

Bond with family and friends 

2021 has been one ride of a year; bonding with family and friends after everything that has happened is one way to enjoy the holiday. 

This is the season where everyone reties loosen knots between family and friends. You can make up all the time you didn’t get to stay with family or friends this season.

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone to bond with them; gisting in the sitting room can help you relive old memories you would cherish forever. 

If you want to go a step further with bonding, you can try hanging out with them, going to the park, shopping together, and making meals together. 

Engage in local tourism 

After all the indoor bonding, you should take yourself out, see places you haven’t seen before. You’ve been busy all year trying to put yourself together; it would be extraordinary to engage in local tourism, get to know more about your environment and tourist attractions in your state. 

Are you looking for the best options for local tourism? You can visit art galleries, visit arts and crafts market, eat at a local restaurant. 

Local tourism helps preserve our culture and gives people the opportunity to experience their community. Make this holiday special by experiencing your culture.  

Dig into the best Christmas movies

Is the holiday complete without watching Christmas movies? I doubt. Christmas movies bring you into the holiday spirit. If you aren’t a fan of Christmas movies, I have no words for you because they are fantastic!

The first Christmas movie I would recommend is; A Naija Christmas. This is the first Nigerian Christmas movie that depicts how Nigerians celebrate Christmas; it’s a must-watch!

Other Christmas movies you can watch are; how to ruin Christmas, Princess switch 3, Christmas flow. 


Put a smile on someone’s face

This is the season to be happy and put a smile on someone’s face. You can give unique gifts, give compliments, share your meal with someone, reach out to the needy. There are people out there waiting for you to put a smile on their faces, don’t disappoint.

With all these tips, we wish you happy holidays . 

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