Travel is enjoyable, but sometimes expensive. Have you ever thought about how you could travel and not spend a lot of money? Well, here are 7 best free activities to take while on trips.

My favorite free activity is hiking, it is one you should try out too!

Go hiking and nature walking 

Hiking is one of my best ways to experience a new city. Find the best nature trails, hills and mountains to experience the beauty of nature.

If you love to see the other, non-bustling side of the city, you should try hiking. 

Before hiking, the only equipment you have to invest in is a pair of hiking shoes and trekking poles for better trekking and hiking grip. 

You would be amazed at how much you can escape the real world by soaking in the beauty of nature. Hiking is also another form of exercise, I mean, the type of exercise you would love. I would rather run around nature than run around the gym, lol 

Another thing I love about hiking is the stunning views I get to enjoy. 

Visit museums and churches 

If you are a lover of history and culture, visiting a museum is a fantastic activity that you need to tick off your bucket list.  

You don’t have to be a member of a museum to enter for free; consider looking for a museum that has a cheap membership fee or allows the use of museum passes. Some museums worldwide open for free on national days; you should keep those dates in mind. 

It would amaze you that there are so many significantly built churches around the world. Some of the churches have history, while some have fascinating architecture and interior design. San Miguel chapel, Notre-Dame de Paris, and St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City are my favourite churches to see. 

Picnic in a park 

If you need to hangout with friends or family, this is one free and easy activity you can plan to do.

Picnic days are fun-filled days, and they are always top tier because all you need to do is grab a picnic basket filled with desserts and blankets.

During the picnic, you enjoy the serene environment and connect with friends with little money spent. 

A picnic in the park equals more fun, less spending.  best activities to take while on trips

Don’t forget to pack games too and, of course, a trash bag to keep the environment serene and safe for others. 

Collect free souvenirs 

Collecting free souvenirs is my favourite thing during trips because it is a fantastic way to keep memories. For everywhere you go, there is always a souvenir you can keep for memories. 

Some restaurants give free merchandise on certain days; you just have to be on the lookout for them. 

Examples of souvenirs you can collect: pearls from the beach, towels from hotels, postcards from restaurants, arts, fridge magnets, T-shirts, maps, trinkets from gift stores.  

Go to the beach

There is nothing more enjoyable than soaking yourself up in the sun, enjoying the movement of the waves at the beachside with your sunscreen and guess what?! It is free.

Trust me; whenever you are at the beach, you tend to discover something new. You can even go swimming, surfing, snorkelling or diving at the beach.  best activities to take while on trips

Whenever I need a new place to recharge, I go to the beach alone. You should try it; it is spiritual!  

Fun fact: Study shows that swimming helps improve your liver function


Visit a national park

National parks around the world are built with their uniqueness and are home to the most stunning landscapes in the world. best activities to take while on trips

National parks are great places to experience adventure and nature. There is no better time to visit national parks than now; you need to see animals in their natural habitat, learn about nature and see more of the outside world. 

Imagine visiting Virunga national park and experiencing Mount Nyiragongo in all its glory. Besides experiencing nature, there are many activities you can do in a national park like cycling, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing, caving, camping. 

Amazingly, when you are out experiencing the splendid side of adventure, you tend to share, listen and connect with friends.

Entry to most parks worldwide is free, but you might have to pay if you are going in your car.  

Attend a festival

Travelling during holidays and festive seasons gives you more opportunities to experience festivals.  

Whether it’s the colours of Chinese New Year in Beijing, Day of the Dead in Mexico City, Holi in Delhi or Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai, you need to get involved with the vibrancy and culture; they are super unique.

If you are going to attend a festival when you next travel, I advise you to go with the theme of the festival, you don’t want to look like an outcast. 

What I love most about festivals is the opportunity to win freebies. During festivals, there are always competitions you can engage in; you don’t have to be uptight during the rounds, have fun and make it a day to remember. 

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