From preparation to packing to boarding, we know how travel gets stressful for most people. mobile apps you need while travelling

But do you know there are apps that are designed to make your trips easier? Oh well if you didn’t, then you need to read this!

I would be starting with my favorite app, Google map! I am definitely not planning on getting lost in a foreign land, lol.

Google map 

Google map helps travellers find locations in town, share current places with friends. It also helps to plan and navigate your way around a city.

Most times, even if you have visited a city before, you would still ask questions on how to get around the city, but with the help of Google maps, you would not have an issue locating your destination. mobile apps you need while travelling

One benefit of Google maps is that you can save locations, see all the places you have visited, and this will sync between your devices; this feature is my favourite as a traveller.

Yes, another fantastic feature on the app is the street view is a neat feature and allows you to look around in a 360 mode, almost as if you are there.

Google map


If you get tensed and anxious while travelling, Calm is one app you need to have.

Calm helps you reduce stress and sleep better while travelling with the help of sleep stories, music, breathing exercises and meditation rhythms.

The app offers meditation topics: self-awareness, anxiety, breathing, lowering stress levels, happiness, and others.
Calm also has daily suggested meditations that help in a life-long pursuit to being quiet and focused.

Even if you need an app to help you relax and pass the time, you should get calm too.


Lounge buddy 

Loungebuddy gives you access, reviews, and pictures on airport lounges for lovers of airport lounges. Loungebuddy also helps you book day passes at your favourite airport lounge.

When creating a trip on the app, loungebuddy tells you the lounges available at the airport and helps you pay if you do not have access to the lounge.

You can always buy your access to any lounge on loungebuddy for up to two months in advance.



If you are the type that barely knows what to pack before travelling, just like me, Packpoint should always be your go-to app.

Packpoint is a travel packing list app that tells you what you need on your trip based on your gender, destination, travel date, length of your trip, the weather and even activities planned for your trip.

I know packing before trips are sometimes stressful, but Packpoint helps relieve the stress of packing. The app even reminds you to wash your clothes or wear them multiple times.

All you need to do on Packpoint is type in the city you are visiting and input your travel details.



Not every airline has movies or series you can binge-watch. Netflix is a good one to keep you busy throughout your trip; all you need is a stable internet connection for your device.

Netflix is a lifesaver when trying to escape tedious hours in the airport and flight.

Netflix allows you to stream your favourite movies online, enabling you to download them and watch them offline later.

There is nothing better than relaxing with movies on Netflix after an exhausting flight.



You cannot take away transport when planning trips. Uber rides are sometimes cheap, especially if you book your ride from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm during weekdays. If you do not know your way around the city, using an Uber would make your trip easier and stress-free.

If you like to plan, you can always book your uber for a trip 30 days ahead. By booking early, you would escape surge fares that come with extra fees.

I love Uber because you can always request a ride wherever you are, and a rider would come to meet you.



Sky guru

Sky guru gives details of what happens during flight and what to expect during the flight.

SkyGuru predicts and explains all the processes, unfamiliar sounds and even your sensations using the sensors of your iPhone. You will be amazed how accurate SkyGuru can predict all flight stages and processes.

If you’re fearful of turbulence or flying, you should download Skyguru. It’s an app designed by pilots and fear of flying therapists that provides weather and turbulence forecasts for the route you’re flying; it is always good to be mentally prepared for turbulence if at all they occur.

Trust me when I say that Sky guru is an excellent inflight guide.

Sky guru

Google translate

Imagine touring a city, and you barely understand what the locals say. As a traveller, whenever you visit a town where they don’t speak English, Google translate is always to the rescue. mobile apps you need while travelling

Google translate is a multilingual translation app that allows you to translate 108 languages by typing and 94 languages by photo, access 59 languages offline, translate bilingual conversations for 70 languages and even use the handwriting tool to translate 96 languages. ‘

To translate on the app, take a photo, speak or type.

Google translate

Now that you know the apps that help make travel easy, you are set for a stress-free trip.

If you still need extra hands for hotel booking/ reservation, flight booking, travel insurance, corporate travels, we are here for you!

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