Food is the way to many people’s hearts and mine too, I am always in for any trip that includes a food tour, I mean who doesn’t want to taste new sweet delicacies. best travel destinations for food lovers

Here, I would be telling you about the best destinations for food lovers, so if you love some good food tours, this one’s for you. 

We would ride from Africa down to deep into Europe.

I am starting with Ethiopia because nothing beats a bowl of sweet African goodness with a fusion of taste and flavours.   


Ethiopia is one of the best countries to enjoy the beauty of African food. Their food has culture and it is one of the most unique and delicious cuisines you would ever taste. Just so you know, Ethiopian dishes are not only eaten, they are experienced too and are so amazing 

The food is shared in large woven baskets which encourage communal spirit while eating. You also use your hand to eat most Ethiopian dishes which might be messy but that is definitely the most perfect way to enjoy the meal. As they say, you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

If you need a place to bond with close friends and family over food, Ethiopia is a great destination for you. 

Amazingly, Ethiopian dishes are budget and vegan friendly 

Top dishes to try in Ethiopia: Injera, Azifa, Gomen, Chechebsa, Kitfo, Tibs, Shire alecha 




Paris, France

Every time you think of Paris it’s definitely the Eiffel tower and of course their great food. Paris is one of the best destinations for food lovers, they have more than fries and fish (no shade intended). Think of the best croissants, cakes, puddings, gelatos, all of these is what Paris has to offer to a foodie.

If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely be preparing for your trip to Paris, it’s never too late to savour the dessert’s goodness. 

You should consider wine tasting in Paris too, they have the best wines in the world. 

Top dishes to try in France: Croissant, Gelato, profiteroles, falafel, 


Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the birthplace of your favourite and famous sushi, it is also home to different traditional foods, world heritage; lots of people go to Tokyo just for their food, that’s how amazing it is. 

The internationally renowned food hub Tokyo has over 160,000 restaurants. There is no way you can miss savouring their dishes there. 

I know you probably have a list of restaurants you are hoping to visit already, how about you try Tokyo’s street food, trust me they have some of the best street foods.  

To dishes to try in Tokyo: Tsukemen, Monjayaki, Yakitori, Sushi, wagyu beef, Yashoku



Bangkok, Thailand

If you love food culture, Bangkok is a great destination for you. Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with the nightlife, the music, Thai food, culture; everything is amazing.  

What makes Thai foods amazing are the fragrances, spices, flavours. Street food in Thailand is top-notch world-class and international, you can also find amazing Indian food there.  

Thailand is every food lover’s dream.  best travel destinations for food lovers

Top dishes to try in Bangkok: Thai duck rice, Papaya salad, Moo yang, Thai fried noodles 

Thai fried noodles

Mexico City, Mexico 

The food scene in Mexico City has to be seen to be believed. Mexico City is one place you could happily eat your way through restaurants run by famous chefs. 

Everything about Mexico is intriguing. From the culture, colours, rhythm, history, and beaches. How could you travel to Mexico and not enjoy what you are eating? If you’ve been visiting Mexico city just for the beach views, you should try visiting for the Mexican food next time, it is definitely worth it. 

Top dishes to try at Mexico city: Tlayudas, Chicharonnes, Tacos el pastor, Pulque, Pan Dulce, ceviche, squash blossoms, cemitas,  

Tacos el pastor

New York, USA

New York is home to many things like fashion, architecture, art, theatre and of course great food and chefs. 

With over 60 international dishes in 23, 000 restaurants there are a thousand and more dishes you can try in New York. 

One amazing thing I love about the New York food scene is the chefs, they are so innovative. They are hands down the best in combining recipes, coming up with great ideas for appetizers, desserts and main dishes. 

Top dishes to try in New York: Tacos, burgers, pizza, barbecue, bagels, mutton chop, shackburger, ice cream, churros 


Beirut, Lebanon 

Beirut is a beautiful city, but what is more beautiful is its food. The food scene in Beirut has really grown over the years and it is a must explore! If you are looking for another city with great street food, Beirut is the one for you. Food is a really big part of the Lebanese culture so they do everything to make sure their food is the best. I never knew Lebanese dishes were that dope till I tried them, whatttt they are amazing and guess what? They use fresh produce and high-quality spices for their food. 

Beirut doesn’t only have good food, they have good wine to step that finger-licking food down. This is another perfect destination for food lovers. 

Top dishes to try in Beirut: Kanafe, Foul, Karabish, Kibbeh, Fattoush, Tabbouleh, shish barrak, 


Bologna, Italy

Bologna is also known as La Grassa meaning the fat one, so if you are planning to visit Bologna, get ready to be spoiled with their dishes because there is so much to eat there.   

If you don’t find anything fascinating about Bologna, the food would definitely get you hooked to the Italian city, 

For lovers of chocolate, Bologna has a lot in store for you. You would also taste the best gelato you’ve ever tasted in Bologna. best travel destinations for food lovers

Top dishes to try in Bologna:  Tortellini, Ragu bolognese, Lasagne, Tigelle, Lasagne verde al formo, tagliatelle, gelato, mortadella


I can imagine how watered your mouth is already. Yes! these countries have amazing dishes and what would be more amazing is having a food tour around these destinations. You would enjoy it!

Looking for the best food tour itinerary and plan? We got you covered.

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