Just like you know, we always have lots of travel content and goodies for you. This week we are starting with the travel feature, where we speak to travellers, ask them about their travel experience and plans.  love to travel and experience cultures

On this week’s travel feature, we are speaking to Belove Falana, a model and influencer who has loved travelling since she was young. 

How many countries have you visited?

I have visited four countries and they are Ghana, South Africa, UAE and Benin Republic 

Wow, that is quite a lot, how do you make your travel plans?

I always like to make travel plans with my friends, make plans ahead of time. I also work with agencies that have travel packages. 

How has your travel experience been like?

My travel experience has been fun because I have realized that you don’t have to go so far to see beyond what you usually see every day. 

Trust me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing something you rarely see. Another thing is the fact that knowing you won’t be in that destination for a long time helps you enjoy and embrace the moment. For me, I always get a place close to the waterside, meet other people, experience a different life, experience different culture and food. 

That is really amazing to hear,  in what ways has travel impacted your life?

Travelling has helped me positively by conquering my fear of aeroplanes, I used to be scared of using them, gosh. Also, I am not so outspoken, so travelling has also helped me meet many more people, learn different things, see things differently.  love to travel and experience cultures

What challenges do you face constantly as a traveller?

Hmm, right now the main challenge is the covid-19 restriction and change of food too. Covid-19 has really changed a lot in countries. 

Also, going to different countries with varieties of dishes, it gets hard selecting what to eat for me. Curfews in other countries are different, you can get arrested for not following curfew rules. Another issue is not knowing country rules of places you can’t visit, drinks you can’t take in public like alcohol. 

Tell me something interesting you never knew till you travelled

I had never imagined that Africa is a beautiful continent, Africa is actually very beautiful. Being in South Africa makes you feel like you are in Europe because that is the view it gives to you. You would have probably never believed such places exist in Africa. 

Omg, I really can’t wait to experience this African beauty too. What are your travel pet peeves?

I don’t know if this is something I should say because it is not something I can control, but I dislike meeting people who are racists and refuse to relate with you because you are African. It really annoys me.

Tell us your idea of the best vacation you would like to have?

I would love to explore the beautiful countryside, somewhere in Texas, far from environmental noise. Spending my time in a soothing environment with lots of land and horses is something I really look forward to having. 

I haven’t been anywhere that gives the countryside type of vibe.  loves to travel and experience cultures

That is really different because almost everybody’s idea of the best vacation is spending time at a beach resort.

If we were going to sponsor you to any country of your choice, what country would you like to visit?

Okay, so that depends on your budget, lmaoo, but I would love to visit Spain or Jamaica. 

What is your favourite country to visit?

I think Turkey 

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