Fathers might seem to be very tough, but most of them are very sweet and they deserve the best you can ever give them.

Fathers’ Day was yesterday, I hope you let the ties and socks gift rest this year. If you didn’t get your dad any gift, it’s never too late. You don’t necessarily have to give him a physical gift, you can give your dad an experience he would cherish for a lifetime, take him out, have fun with him and create fantastic memories.

There are different activities you can take with your dad, here are the most interesting ones which I recommend. 

Take a Walk Around LUFASI Nature Park 

For dads that enjoy great outdoors and nature, this is a good choice. LUFASI nature park is an ideal spot to be refreshed and enjoy nature. 

Those lingering questions you’ve always wanted to ask your dad, I guess this would be a nice place to ask him. 

Go Bowling at Rufus and Bees 

If your dad is the fun type, taking your dad bowling is such a great idea.

Most of our dads only had the reality of going to work, coming back to meet their food on the table with a sprinkle of news at 10 to enjoy their day. No different activity even on weekends.

Bowling is such a good way to bond with your dad and it’s exciting. Interestingly, bowling is a form of exercise too, you can use that to whine your dad so he would go bowling with you. 

It might be a whole different experience for your dad, but it is always worth it.  Don’t forget to buy him his favourite drink after bowling.

Have Drinks at Beeriga 

There is nothing more touching than having drinks with your dad with lots of heartfelt conversations. 

Take a stop at Beeriga, and buy one or two glasses with your dad, you don’t have to share something serious. You can ask your dad a question in the process of him having his drink and watch him pour out his heart to you (they’re emotional like that).

Watch out for the amazing view at Beeriga, it would warm your heart. 

Watch Football at Bheerhugz

Your dad probably thought only he and his friends could watch football together, how about you surprise and take him out to watch football with you. 

Look for the day his team is playing, you can also buy him his favourite team’s jersey, watch football, have fun and throw small bants here and there. 

The football bants would be sweet, be careful with the bants though, so you don’t become homeless. 

Take a Road Trip To IITA 

Going on a road trip with your dad can be super rewarding. Together you can experience different destinations and enjoy roadside attractions. 

It would be perfectly okay if you have some minutes of silence during the drive, you can lighten up the air with questions your dad would love to answer. 

For people that drive according to the tempo of the music, slow down a bit during the drive, don’t give your dad high blood pressure because you’re taking a road trip 🌚

Attend Owambe 

This can be a bit tricky because some dads don’t like parties while some do. If your dad is like the dancing senator, I bet he would enjoy attending an Owambe with you, watch him rock the dance floor like in the 90’s. 

During the Owambe you might hear things like “during my time, this is not the type of songs we listen to, KSA was the regular” don’t worry it’s part of the bonding.

Take Your Dad Shopping 

Dads love good things too and it doesn’t exclude buying really beautiful things. You can take your dad to a clothing store at the mall, and let him pick whatever he wants to have, it’s his day.

If you always have to question your dad’s choice of dressing, this is the best time to teach him how to pick clothes that suits his body type and would make him look smart & cool. 

You don’t have to necessarily shop for clothes, for dads that love books, a good bookstore would make him so happy. 

Enjoy the Best Sports at Lagos Country Club 

Country clubs offer different types of sports; from astroturf, lawn tennis, long tennis, badminton and golf. It would be really nice hanging out with your dad at a country club, allowing him play his favourite sport and have the best time of his life. 

If your dad isn’t the sporty type, you can just sit by the pool with him and have cheerful conversations. 

It is really important you make time to bond with your dad regularly. If you don’t want regular activities, a trip with your dad would be the best option, contact us for the best travel itinerary to any country of your choice.

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